some babes I liked on the internet this week

(via zero style)

I will never not love you. (via calivintage)

double polka dot belly shirt yes please (via street peeper via style is style).

Heliotropes are my jam forever. (via distiller promo)

I have no words. (via nadia aboulhosn)

This is just the cutest family thing ever. (via eattt)

More babes behind the cut! This is surprisingly not NSFW for once.


(foxy-nefertiti via victoria wears clothes)

(Annie K for xoJane via Jonny Negron)

(yimmyayo via the hefty hideaway)

I took this photo while in Pittsburgh! Yay! (via the hefty hideaway)

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This is precisely why I am growing my hair out. (elizabeth holloway via r-o-c-k-a-b-i-l-l-y)

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(via curves and confidence)

(in the thick of it via curves and confidence)

(via fat shopaholic)

(via romantic kissing porn)

(intro 2 life via style is style)

(via Liz Ann Hall)


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