introducing: a broad

  • Disco shirt: Lucky Vintage in the U-District (best vintage store in Seattle)
  • cape: Lucky Vintage
  • sweater (in some photos): from an estate sale
  • pants: J Brand jeans
  • kicks: No. 6 boots
  • flower pin: a craft project from middle school
  • black bangle bracelet: from my grandmother’s jewelry box
  • socks: Free People

Name: Sasha Sarene Morgan

Location: Seattle, WA

Occupation: I’ve worked at Sub Pop records for 5 1/2 years, first as receptionist and now as a radio promoter and A&R rep. I’ve also had an Etsy store (Sarene Vintage) for the last couple of years, and I pillage Goodwill bins and estate sales every weekend. My dream is to have a vintage store one day and somehow work at Sub Pop at the same time.

What informs/inspires your style? I’ve really been into Tavi and Rookie Mag lately. I am really bummed that she wasn’t around when I was an angsty teen in south Georgia. She’s definitely influenced a few craft nights of making flower headbands. Other fashion inspirations: the magical Pacific Northwest (flannel and rain boots, a must), Star Trek the original series, Joan Baez, Marilyn Monroe in The Misfits, Diana Vreeland, and my formerly hippie parents & their hippie friends.

All-time number one favorite thing to wear (and why): Definitely a cape! It’s like wearing a blanket…what is better than that?

What’s something you’ve been thinking about a lot lately? My husband and I just bought a killer house in the Leschi neighborhood of Seattle, so we are currently obsessing over everything we’re going to do to fix it up. We don’t close on it until after Thanksgiving, so we just have to sit and wait and dream of all the possibilities. I just want to get in there right now and rip up the gnarly carpet and tear out the fixtures.

Current non-fashion obsession: I’m currently pretty obsessed with a Seattle band called La Luz. The singer Shana Cleveland was in a band called The Curious Mystery on K Records, but this is her new all-girl surf rock band. I’ve taken it upon myself to be their unofficial manager and have been sending out their tape EP Damp Face to some folks.

What helps you feel confidence about your body, style, and general sense of self? I quit smoking last October after being a smoker for around NINE years (so crazy!), and ever since then I’ve definitely begun to feel empowered in a lot of ways. Because I quit smoking, I had a ton of nervous energy I needed to release, so I started jogging and taking Barre classes. I also got inspired to quit caffeine because I was like, “fuck it, if I can quit smoking, I can quit the coffee,” and so I did it! I have caffeine every once in a while, but I’m not addicted to it. So yeah, just overall trying to be healthy really emanates positively into all areas of my life.

What’s it mean to be a Broad? It’s funny, a few years ago I would not have identified as feminist, but as I get older I most definitely do. Also, my husband was raised by a strong, feminist mother and as he says “two street fighting bitches” as sisters, so I’ve become hyper aware of all the patriarchal bullshit. Being a Broad is putting up with cat calls and weird male power dynamics, and also trying harder to be heard, but it’s also a beautiful wonderful thing - fuck, we live longer and can have babies. ‘Nuff said.


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