velma vibes

Dion from Clueless, and a zombie varsity babe. These ladies had some of my favorite outfits of the night. Any excuse to wear ghost makeup, pinup hair, and a varsity jacket is SPOT ON. They also kinda look like they belong in a Rookie photo set, right?

Velma from Scooby Doo, as you saw earlier. I just can’t help it I love this costume.

Amelia Earhart, and her airplane dog. The airplane was made out of gold glitter paint, cardboard, beer cans, and bike lights. Genius.

Lucile Ball, duh. My inspiration to spend time doing my hair at some point in life.

A sailor, or unintentional Sailor Moon character. This can be worn on a weekly basis. Such a cute getup.

Romney and Big Bird. Apparently this costume is really common this year? I don’t care, it’s still hilarious, and they didn’t break character once. This was funnier because I didn’t know them at all. I don’t even know their real names.

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