• vintage hawaiian wrap dress: c/o Dusty Rose Vintage
  • Jeffrey Campell sandals: MiniMarket (Williamsburg)
  • NARS matte red lipstick in ‘jungle red’
  • a couple of Color Club nail polishes on my fingers and toes (does anyone know the best place to buy these? I keep borrowing from my Mom’s birch box and feel like an asshole)

Oh my god, you guys. I originally went outside the other morning to take Brad’s outfit photo because was looking really summery/cute in a swath of Uniqlo and Warby Parker. It’s a good camp look.

Many things have gone on lately, like, MANY. Isn’t that how most of these posts go lately? I got a haircut, have been in mega party-planning mode for Brokelyn, going to about 2349058543984 shows for work, working multiple jobs at once (story of my life), taking multiple showers per day because it’s so hot out, gesticulating wildly…

Rolling my eyes so hard my head tilted back.

Here I was probably talking about how I didn’t want to wear sunglasses in these photos. Also that I haven’t shaved in a while because I’ve been too busy. Luckily, Brad reminded me that the internet loves body hair.

I’m hopping on my bike for work, yet again. Another show tonight. Another job tomorrow. Another errand to run. Always moving. I will provide you with more outfits and more babes and more updates soon because YOU DESERVE IT. And I love you.


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