you are what you love

  • ribbon trim dress: ASOS
  • opaque HUE rhinestone tights
  • stacked heels: Macy’s
  • Chanel rouge allure lipstick in ‘la sensuelle’
  • vintage blue mirror bracelet: thrifted in NJ
  • purse and cardigan (not pictured): Fred Flare

Photos by Tin Sparrow Studio.

Finding a dress to wear to my brother’s wedding was not hard. I went straight to Asos, a site that everyone speaks so highly of, and found a garment containing many of my favorite things almost immediately: black, stripes, bright colors, boat neck, tight & short, fitted, sleeveless… um, yes. I initially bought the Asos Curve version which was too big, then got the ‘straight sized’ (can we talk about how dumb that term is some time? thank you.) one and it fit better.

I could gush about Tom and Sheindel’s wedding forever, so I’ll try and keep it simple. It was at a country-club-like locale in New Jersey (my homeland), full of food, drinks, and dancing. We dance a lot in my family. Like, even when you’re not supposed to. In between courses at dinner. All the time.

The ceremony was conducted by Mike, a family friend, and I totally cried through half of it. Then I guzzled champagne for the rest of the night and my feet miraculously (ha) didn’t hurt. Everyone looked so awesome and I can’t wait to share more photos once they come out. Especially of Sheindel, who took a vintage approach to her bride style.

All photography was by Tin Sparrow, and Anna was kind enough to take these photos of my outfit. Please keep Tin Sparrow in mind when looking for amazing wedding photographers - and check out Tom and Sheindel’s engagement photos to understand why.


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