feminist in a field

  • blue lace shirt dress: asos
  • tan and white oxfords: miz mooz
  • glasses: warby parker
  • khaki adventure coat: H&M
  • three amethysts necklace: a stone’s throw
  • mother of pearl bracelet: vintage from a booth in paris

There are some dresses that beg to be worn even if it’s colder than it looks outside. They have you running home between classes to change just because of the sunshine, and give you a sense that it can be spring already because you want it to, damn it.

You drive up to the hills, soak up the light, and love the weather, ignoring that nagging feeling. No, not that it really should have rained more in California this year. It’s that nagging self-awareness where you remember yourself in Brooklyn but now you’re a twee white girl in a field.

sunshine. dress. picnic. ducks on the lake. what is this?

When Caroline and I first met, it was specifically with Broadist in mind. We got to know each other over coffee, beers and snacks all over Brooklyn. We quickly realized that we’re outspoken and so similar it’d be scary if it weren’t so wonderful. I’ll never forget the conversations we had about a style blog focused on feminism and radically loving yourself, and how great everything could be. Everything about it felt hip, urban and avant garde but obvious. 

Fast-forward. This isn’t New York. I live in the suburbs now. I’m in law school. My thrifting is mostly for sweaters and button downs and weird accessories so that I can emphasize the twisty part of the preppy-law-student-with-a-twist that I’ve been stuck on [and kind of loving] since October. 

Fields are lovely. Twee outfits are fun. I’m a Broad no matter where I live or what I wear, as long as I’m being true to myself. I get to be a feminist in a field now. 

Not pictured is my cambridge satchel co bag full of books, but we have pictured the bad assery of being who you want to be. 



yeah, indulge me with this one. i like it more than i should.

Special thanks to Sam Bowman for taking the pictures. 


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